We nurture your child's expressive skills, inspiring creativity and encouraging freedom of expression, making dance a fun and liberating adventure!

Dance and fun
since 2014

Established in 2014 in Italy, DanceAttitude has grown to offer over 80 courses in more than 70 schools throughout Milan. Building on our success, we have recently expanded to schools in Dubai.
DanceAttitude, an Amateur Sports Association, operates with a deep passion and love for dance, and we are proud to bring our expertise and enthusiasm to the United Arab Emirates.

Passion for

Our mission is to introduce young children to Dance and Movement, helping them express their passion and creativity. We emphasize learning through play and fun in a healthy environment where they can freely express themselves.

Fun First

We believe fun is essential for learning. For children to develop a passion for any activity, they must first have fun and feel comfortable.

Everything in your school

Today, many parents find managing after-school activities challenging. That's why we bring our dance classes directly to your child's school, eliminating the need for extra trips and ensuring a seamless transition from their school day to a fun, enriching dance experience in a familiar environment.

A Safe Environment

We focus not only on performance but also on ensuring activities take place in a healthy, respectful environment. Our classes are held in familiar school settings with friends and classmates.

Our Team

Our dedicated team is composed of qualified and passionate teachers who bring years of experience to every class. They are committed to inspiring creativity and self-expression in your child. With a proven track record of success in Italy, we are excited to bring our expertise and love for dance to Dubai. Our team is devoted to creating a supportive and joyful environment where children can thrive and develop their skills.


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