Who are we?

Ladies and Gentlemen

Dance Attitude was established in 2014 in Italy and has since grown to offer over 70 courses in multiple schools throughout Milan. Building on our success, we have expanded beyond borders and are proud to bring our expertise and art to the United Arab Emirates.


We offer the following courses

We provide modern dance, creative movement, and hip-hop courses designed for boys and girls. These courses are conducted directly in nursery and elementary schools during or after school hours. We aim to encourage children to express themselves through their bodies in a familiar environment, ensuring a seamless transition throughout their day. By incorporating an hour of daily fun with music and motor activities, we promote the healthy development of children while catering to the specific needs and requirements of each age group. Our dedicated instructors prioritize the care and attention that every child deserves, our projects are comprehensive and innovative, with a strong focus on instilling educational values in our students. We diligently accompany them on their personal growth journey, providing concrete support in finding their optimal means of self-expression. We create a positive and creative environment for them to thrive within peer groups, fostering harmonious interactions and collaborative learning experiences.


Our mission

Is to introduce young children to the harmony of movement and help them develop a fundamental understanding and awareness of their bodies. But it doesn’t stop there. Through playful activities, children will learn to move, explore timing, rhythm, creativity, space, respect, and their relationships with others. We incorporate everyday objects and pedagogical tools to make learning enjoyable. Children are encouraged to freely express their nature, fostering a joyful spirit and embracing their innate creativity.
We aspire to be the preferred choice for every family seeking a dynamic and meaningful growth and learning journey for their children. Our aim is to create an environment where each child’s unique qualities are celebrated and nurtured, allowing them to flourish and grow. We are committed to providing a fun and enriching experience that not only promotes learning but also strengthens the inherent qualities and abilities of every individual child.


The Instructor and the final outcome

Our highly qualified instructors will be present within the school premises to warmly welcome the students. This arrangement not only ensures the convenience of parents, who can safely pick up their children after their activities but also fosters a sense of security and familiarity for the students.
The teacher will guide the children throughout their annual course, nurturing their journey towards autonomy and well-being. They will support the children in learning the fundamentals of their chosen course while providing constant companionship during this crucial phase of growth. The aim is to foster holistic development, encompassing not only physical and linguistic aspects but also personal, social, relational, and mental growth. Through this comprehensive approach, learning transcends its surface level and becomes a transformative experience in various domains of life.
At the end of the year we offer an exhilarating experience with open lessons where students can invite all the important people in their lives. These moments serve as unique opportunities for personal development and enrichment, placing children at the forefront as the absolute protagonists.


“Dance is life, and we have always chosen it”


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